Winter 2021 National Middle School Conference

Date & time:

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Type of event: Conference

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Who: Middle school UU youth (11-14 years old, in grade 6-8 or equivalent) from across the U.S.

Co-hosts: Central East Region & Pacific Western Region

Hours: 8 hours with breaks beginning at:
2:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Central / 12:00 pm Mountain
11:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Alaska / 9:00 am Hawaii

Middle school UU youth (11-14 years old, in grade 6-8 or equivalent) will come together to play, worship, and explore their UU faith. This day-long event will give our middle school youth opportunities to play games and connect in small groups, and to learn more about themselves and this amazing religion in large ones. Come join us!

Deadline: Registration open through February 19

Cost: $40 per person. Sliding scale based on your assessment of your ability to pay.

Supervision: There will be a 1:10 adult to youth ratio, if you know adult volunteers you would recommend, please reach out to Eric Bliss or Shannon Harper, emails below. Parents & DRE's are expected to provide information about any youth with special needs including best modifications and interventions just in case.

Schedule: Age-appropriate, multisensory, and published about a week before. Middle schoolers should be available the hours published and they will not be sitting the full time we ask them to be on/near screen. We will have plenty of breaks, though they will not be the right time for every family dinner. The day will include:
Social time
Community Building
Small groups

Our 2 middle school summer camps were wildly popular and we heard things like:

"You'll be surprised how much community can be built over the internet. Give it a try!"

"It is an amazing opportunity to meet people outside of your district."

"It was a wonderful event that combined uu values, inclusiveness, and personal growth with fun activities and crafts!"

"Even though it’s not the same as in person, it is 100% worth it. There is still that feeling of community that I miss every day. Some aspects went even better than they have in person too!"

Eric Bliss:
Shannon Harper:

Questions: Contact Amanda Radak,

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