Staff Specialties in the Pacific Western Region for 2020-2021

Our Pacific Western Region UUA staff team has had some big transitions in 2020! With our brand-new developmental lead, Carlton Elliott Smith, at the helm, and with new staff Summer Albayati and Melissa James on board, we are ready to help your congregations adapt, learn, and thrive.

Five of our staff are both "generalists" and "specialists," meaning that they serve as primary contact for thirty or more congregations, as well as a specialist to all 180+ Pacific Western Regional congregations in more than one specialty area. One of our staff, Eric Bliss, is purely a specialist (in youth and emerging adult programs).

Our team also includes Christine Purcell, who serves all regions as a ministerial transitions specialist. From her home in New England she supports our ministerial search committees and interim ministry.

Specialties of the Pacific Western Region Staff
Area of Specialty Staff Member

Accessibility and Inclusion Ministries

Sarah Schurr
Campus Ministry Melissa James and Eric Bliss
Conflict Transformation/Healthy Congregations Team Sarah Millspaugh
Covenanting Communities (that are congregation-like) Summer Albayati
Covenanting Communities (non-congregation-like, such as camps) Melissa James
COVID-19 Response Sarah Millspaugh
Disaster Relief Fund Sarah Schurr
Disaster Response Summer Albayati
Emerging Adult Ministry (Ages 18-24) Eric Bliss
Emerging (New) Congregations Summer Albayati
Generosity, Fundraising, and Stewardship Melissa James
Large Congregations Carlton Smith
Leadership Development Melissa James and Summer Albayati
LGBTQ+ Inclusion/Gender Identity Melissa James
Ministerial Transitions Christine Purcell
Multicultural Inclusion/Dismantling White Supremacy Annie Scott and Summer Albayati
Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Education Annie Scott
Professional Misconduct (addressing, healing from) Sarah Millspaugh
Religious Education/Lifespan Faith Formation Annie Scott
Safety in Congregations Annie Scott
Small Congregations Sarah Schurr
Social Justice Organizing in Congregations Summer Albayati and Melissa James
UUA Annual Program Fund Carlton Smith
Youth Ministry (Ages 14-18) Eric Bliss

Your primary contact remains your best way to get the services you need. If they can't help you with what you need, they can connect you with the relevant specialist. We look forward to all the ways we will engage with you in the coming year.