Leadership 22-23 Launch, Resouce, Landing

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Pacific Western Region's Congregational life staff will offer:

In August & September, Launch: Collaborative Virtual Board Retreat served more than 20 congregations and over 130 lay leaders.

Over the fall, Leadership Foundations will offer a series of leadership tools and conversations around best practices for specific types of leaders. Rolling registration now open.

And in the Spring of 2023, Leading from the Heart will return grounding participants in UU and ancestral theology, the synergy of passion and mission, and living out of conviction. For more information about a past session of Leading from the Heart.

LAUNCH: Collaborative Virtual Board Retreat

Gather your board for a retreat in 3 parts:

Part 1: at your leisure, gather and get acquainted (facilitator guide provided)

Part 2: Select a single date for your entire board to join, from wherever they are, in a virtual retreat with other boards facilitated by UUA Congregational Life staff. Synchronous sessions were offered: August 13, August 27 and September 10

Part 3: Gather again to continue the conversation with provided prompts.

FOUNDATIONS: Skill Building Series

Register via Wufoo once for the entire series join when you can for what serves you.

This series of webinars in October to December will equip leaders and potential leaders in congregations with skills to lead their congregations effectively, relationally, and focused toward transformation and liberation. These leaders and potential leaders will connect with one another and foster a sense of connectedness with the region and larger UUA. Some sessions will be role specific; many will support every type of leader in our churches.

1st and 3rd Tuesdays ( 2:00 PT) and Thursdays (6:30pm PT) - each topic offered twice

  • Oct. 4th or 6th - Take your Meeting Facilitation Skills to the Next Level
    • Presenter: Rhiannon Smith;Zoom tech: Amanda
    • Have you always wanted to learn the tricks to having effective meetings that inspire and move your team forward? Join us to skill-up and get more done, while hopefully shortening your average meeting times!

  • Oct. 18th & 20th Who does what? RASCI and other tools for planning
    • Presenter: Sarah Gibb Millspaugh;Zoom tech: Diane
    • Do you have a great project in the works? Do you need to figure out how to get more projects done in your congregation? If so, join us to learn tools to help you identify who will take on projects with lots of identified support so your volunteers actually want to do more!

  • Nov. 1st & 3rd Sustaining leadership: leadership succession planning & development
    • Presenter: Summer Albayati & Melissa James; Zoom tech: Rhiannon
    • Oh, no! Who will be president next year? Who will take on worship? If this feels like an annual anxious and typical experience for your congregation, then come and learn about planning for leadership succession and subtle ways to develop more leaders within your congregation.

  • Nov. 15 & 17 Elements of a Congregation: Understanding the parts and roles that make up your community (good for sabbatical planning, lay-led, and sustainable ministry)
    • Presenter: Sarah Schurr; Zoom tech: Diane
    • Who does what in this congregation? What do we need? What can we live without? If you are interested in how you will cover every aspect of ministry now that you are facing sabbatical/departure of a minister or being unintentionally lay-led, then this is the workshop for you.

  • Dec. 6th & 8th Governance: Beyond Robert’s Rules
    • Presenter: Annie Scott & guests;Zoom tech: Melissa
    • Is there life beyond Robert’s Rules? For some of our congregations, life is thriving without Robert’s Rules. If you want to know more, and bring more possibilities to be more inclusive within your congregational governance system, then join us for this wonderful workshop where we will explore life beyond the norm.

Register via Wufoo once for the entire series join when you can for what serves you.