Pacific Western Region News Archive
Pacific Western Region News Archive
  • New Staff Specialties in the Pacific Western Region

    We've recently said goodbye to some staff people on the Pacific Western Regional team. We've said hello to others, and one position remains open. In the interim, we'd like to share with you our areas of specialty. ...
  • What is Shifting in You? From "I" to "We"

    Each month a member of your regional staff team will highlight one of the “shifts” that guides our work with congregations. These seven shifts describe where we, as UUA staff in partnership with congregations in the West, are leading Unitarian Universalism. Each shift is an...
    By Tandi Rogers | 10/9/2019
  • What is Shifting in You?

    This is the season of shifts—some of you have new staff, new board members, and a new church year upon us. We are all shifting gears of sorts.

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