UUA Financial Services, Internal Services

Financial Services functions on several levels to serve the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) staff, board, committees, districts, member congregations, and affiliate organizations in a manner that will foster shared stewardship for the financial resources of the Association. The office maintains financial records, prepares reports to measure and analyze the use of resources, and pays staff and vendors.

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial business of the Association. With the help of the Investment Committee, the Financial Advisor, and the Endowment Funds Manager, he oversees the General Investment Funds of the Association. These funds consist of the endowments of the Association and of many member congregations and affiliates. The Treasurer also monitors the Association's investments to ensure their compliance with socially responsible investment guidelines as set by the Board of Trustees and is an ex officio member of the Committee on Socially Responsible Investing.