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  • Paul Alan Bennett

    Paul Alan Bennett has an MA in Greek History from the University of La Verne, Athens, Greece, and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon.

  • Jen Hayman

    Jen Hayman (she/her) believes that beauty can be found almost anywhere, that relationship is at the root of successful music making, and that dance is an essential activity. She is the Director of Music and Arts at All Souls Unitarian in Washington, DC.

  • Bethany Russell-Lowe

    Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

  • Ashley Emuka

    Ashley Emuka is a UUA Office at the United Nations intern for the 2020-2021 academic year. Currently, Ashley is a second-year graduate student in the Master’s in Public Health and Social Work dual degree program at New York University (NYU). She earned a B.A. in Global Health with a Minor in...

  • Noorjahan Aktar

    Noorjahan Aktar is a UUA Office at the United Nations intern for the 2020-2021 academic year. Currently, Noorjahan is a senior at SUNY New Paltz pursuing a major in Political Science along with a minor in Studio Arts. She is passionate about fighting for human rights and learning more about...

  • Shannon Lang

    Shannon Lang (she/her/hers) is a member of the Unitarian Church of Evanston in Illinois, where she lives with her daughters Marlowe and Francesca, husband Bobby, and dog Wyatt. Shannon is a BLUU Beloved (Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism), a founding member of the BLUU Havens Chicago Chapter,...

  • Rebekah Taussig

    Dr. Rebekah Taussig is a Kansas City writer and teacher.

  • Shelly Rohe

    Shelly is a disability Advocate and Activist. She is the Administrator of AIM (Accessible and Inclusion Ministry), a joint program with the UUA and EqUUal Access. Shelly lives in Rochester, MN where she works, volunteers, and is a freelance writer.

  • Li Kynvi

    Li Kynvi (they/them) is an intern minister at First Parish Church of Groton, MA, and a hospice music therapist. They parent two complicated kids, ages 17 & 22, and live waiting for the next hilarious thing to happen. It always does.

  • Roger Butts

    Rev. Roger Butts (he/him/his) is a Staff Chaplain at Penrose St Francis in Colorado Springs. He is a long time member of the UU Christian Fellowship and the International Thomas Merton Society.