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Drops of God
From WorshipWeb
God, God is water sleeping in high-piled clouds. She is gentle drink of rain, pooling lake, rounding pond, angry flooding river....
Crystal of Creation
From WorshipWeb
If there is a heaven, it is right here, right now, in this particular arrangement of nature, this happening of earth, moon, and star, this constellation...
Stirred by the Spirit
From WorshipWeb
We exist within this interstitial surfacetensed between past and future,this violet veilundulating between health and illness,this filmy membranepolishe...
Soul Lifts
From WorshipWeb
Wouldn't it be great if you could take a picture of your soul?
Oh Divine Spirit
From WorshipWeb
Oh Divine Spirit, healer of my hurts, consoler of my sorrows, vibrant light of happiness, birther of all life and gentle way of death, hear my prayer. I...
Oh, God of Many Moments
From WorshipWeb
Oh God of many moments, of night gliding into day, and day seeping into night, of infant milky sleeping breaths and wrinkled, crinkled aging eyes, of th...
We lift up every joy, we hold up every hurt
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of life and spirit of grace, Rest with us this day, in this place....
Water Blessing - Wedding Blessing
From WorshipWeb
The Wedding blessing is to be used with a wedding ritual of pouring water from two vessels into a common vessel, as an alternative to a unity candle.

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