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Blessed by Our Connections
From WorshipWeb
We leave blessed by our connections to one another, to the spirit of life. Walk lightly that you see the life that is below your feet....
May The Waters Gathered Here
From WorshipWeb
May the Waters gathered here remind us of what each of us brings to this community and of the waters that nourished us before we were even born, that...
Harpo the Harbor Seal and Our Diverse Waters: A Multigenerational puppet play for a Water Ceremony
From WorshipWeb
Harpo: Hi there, I'm Harpo the harbor seal. I come back each year and more and more of my friends join me to hang out in Staten Island waters....
Blessing of the Animals
From WorshipWeb
Welcome to all our siblings this morning. We enter into this half circle of diversity, Celebrating the ways that we upright walking two-legged wanderers...
Love In Tangible Form
From WorshipWeb
Looking at the overflowing cup, Seeing from another perspective, Witnessing life in all its fullness, We share from a place of hope and dedication And p...

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