Sara Palmer

Sara Palmer smiles broadly, in front of a bookcase. She has curly, brown hair with pink and blue streaks.

Sara Palmer (she|her) is a recovering addict/scrappy survivor who triumphed over abuse, assault, and addiction. She founded Sara Palmer Speaks, getting hired by companies and organizations to speak to, train, and coach overwhelmed moms in powerful communication, boundary setting, and real self care. Sara attends the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, where she previously served as their DRE, and loves spending time with her partner, kids (bio and bonus), and her own inner child. And bubble tea.

Find Sara on FB, IG, and LinkedIn: @sarapalmerspeaks.

From Sara Palmer

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The Power to Save
From Braver/Wiser
May we forever perceive the ways we can empower others.

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