Roddy Biggs

Roddy Biggs (they/them) is a Queer, BIPOC Young Adult. They write, "I'm healing; I'm growing; I'm learning to love myself, trying to find my place on this topsy-turvy journey that we call life." They're a Master of Divinity student at Meadville Lombard Theological and plan to pursue Unitarian Universalist parish ministry.

From Roddy Biggs

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My Dreams, They Matter
From WorshipWeb
My dreams matter, as they are connected to the dreams of my ancestors.
Dancing in the Shadows
From WorshipWeb
You will find me there; Dancing in the Shadows. You will find me there; where light meets the dark; You will find me there, dancing, dancing in the...
The Pathway to Healing
From WorshipWeb
Friends, thank you for your witness to all that exists on the margins; thank you for your commitment to hold yourselves and one other in great and...

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