Rob MacPherson

Full name: Rev. Rob MacPherson

Photograph of Rev. Rob MacPherson

Rob is the Minister of the Unitarian Church of South Australia (est. 1854).

He is an ex-pat US citizen who has lived and worked abroad in the UK and Australia for over 30 years. Follow him on FB (Rev Rob Macpherson or SA Unitarians) or on his blog "Will Preach for Food".

From Rob MacPherson

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International Unitarian Universalism

Almost No One Here Is Armed

Rob MacPherson

From UUA International
Rev. Rob MacPherson reflects on Australia's experience with gun violence and gun control laws, as well as his own childhood in a gun-owning household in...
"Our lamps may be different, but light is the same"

Rob MacPherson

From UUA International
In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Pakistan earlier this week, community leaders in Adelaide, Australia, organized a peace vigil to honor the innocent lives lost. Drawing a multicultural,...

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