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Richard Bellingham

Richard Bellingham, Ed.D., is the CEO and founder of iobility, a New Jersey–based consulting firm that specializes in aligning people and organizations with a company’s mission, vision, and values. He has more than 25 years of experience working in the areas of ethical leadership, organizational learning, leadership development, team development, and business transformation. Richard has held executive positions within major corporations, including Senior Vice President, People and Culture, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC); Vice President, Organizational Learning and Workforce Development, Genzyme Corporation; and Vice President, Leadership Development, Northern Telecom. Richard has written more than fifty publications and training guides on topics including ethical leadership, leadership myths and realities, corporate culture change, spiritual leadership, wellness, and corporate culture.

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Principled Commitment | Tapestry of Faith

Principled Commitment

Craig Hirshberg, Melanie Davis, Richard Bellingham, Stephanie Haymaker

From Principled Commitment
Avenues for growing in faith while nourishing committed partnership, connecting UU Principles to qualities to cultivate in relationships.

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