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Pat Kahn served as the Professional Development Programs Manager in the Faith Development Office, with responsibilities that include the RE Credentialing Program, the Music Leader Certification Program and the Renaissance Program. She worked for the UUA in November, 2011 until June, 2019 as the Children and Families Program Development Manager.

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A White Privilege Wake-Up Call
From Call and Response
A wake-up call, according to the Urban Dictionary, is “when you've been doing something self-destructive for some time (perhaps without realizing it) before something serious happens that forces you...
Multigenerational Faith Community: Everyone Included!
From Call and Response
Overwhelmingly, Unitarian Universalist faith communities want to be more inclusive of all ages, but aren’t sure how to do it. Creating intentional multigenerational communities means doing things...
Hand in Glove: UU Faith Development and Teaching Tolerance
From Call and Response
I recently had a fantastic opportunity to attend a Teaching Tolerance workshop on their new Perspectives for a Diverse America (free) curriculum. Teaching Tolerance was founded in 1991 by...
"Hybrid" Renaissance Modules: Survey Says... YES!
From Call and Response
Last spring, 20 religious educators experienced continuing education that blended online and in-person learning in the first ever "hybrid" Renaissance module, co-led by Pat Infante and...
From Long Ago and Many Lands….to Here and Now!
From Call and Response
A fine way to celebrate August 2, the birthday of Sophia Fahs, is to take a look at her classic story collection, From Long Ago and Many Lands: Stories for Children Told Anew. It is now...
Channing Is Still Relevant on "the Noblest Work on Earth"
From Call and Response
In a previous Call and Response post (Parents and “Fellow Laborers,” July 2013), we shared advice for parents from the famous Sunday School Address by William Ellery Channing...
Who Said UU History Can’t Be Fun?
From Call and Response
The first completely online Renaissance module, UU History, has now been offered four times, including the field test in 2013.
Happy 25th Birthday?
From Call and Response
I remember my 25th birthday—a quarter of a century! It felt like a major accomplishment. It has been just as significant celebrating each of my daughters’ 25th birthdays, with pride in them...
Multicultural RE Training Offers a Transformative 15 Hours
From Call and Response
[Editors' note: Through the Renaissance program, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) offers continuing education for UU religious educators, including musicians, ministers,...
Deepening in Faith Together, with Theme-Based Ministry
From Call and Response
Theme-based ministry is happening in more and more congregations throughout our movement. What is theme-based ministry? According to Rev. Scott Tayler, the UUA’s Director of Congregational...

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