Linda Rose

Prior to retirement with the UUA in March 2022, Linda served in a variety of roles with academic, business, health care, media, and entertainment employers over the years, always learning and growing. Studying while working, she earned her undergraduate degree as “an adult learner” in 2001.

Linda joined the UUA’s Church Staff Finances team in 2009, initially serving as the Group Insurance Plans Coordinator. Leveraging time during her commute as well as nights and weekends, Linda earned the Group Benefits Associate, and then the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designations from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) and the Wharton School.

Meanwhile, her work duties began to broaden to include support to another UU employee benefit plan, the UU Retirement Plan.

In mid-2013 she accepted the role of UU Retirement Plan Director, just as the Plan itself had been Restated. One of the first challenges was to ensure outreach and support to UU employers, all of which needed to review the Restatement materials and make decisions about adopting the Restated Plan if they wished to continue to offer this employee benefit.

Linda served more than 600 UU employers who are responsible for Plan operations impacting their current employees; approximately 4,300 current and former employees are presently enrolled. Along with the UU Employers themselves, team colleagues, the Plan’s Recordkeeper (TIAA), the UU Retirement Plan Committee, investment advisory firm, Plan counsel, the UUA Treasurer/CFO and others, Linda worked collaboratively to help ensure that the Plan was properly administered and operated for the sole benefit of the Plan’s participants.

Linda is curious about what values, lies, and lessons you were taught about money, the concept of “enough,” and what wisdom you have gained, especially if you have ever struggled to make ends meet.

In quiet moments at the rustic pond-side home she shares with her husband Eric Cherry, a UU minister, she is probably knitting or crocheting and listening to podcasts that inform, inspire, and challenge what she thought she knew.

Smiling Linda Rose, Retirement Plan Director

Linda Rose