Leslie Ahuvah Fails

Full name: Leslie Ahuvah Fails

Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails (she/her/hers) is the pastor of the UU Fellowship of Fairbanks, Alaska, and has also served as a hospital chaplain. She writes with brevity on Twitter (@RevLeslieAF) and at length on Medium (medium.com/@RevLeslieAF).

From Leslie Ahuvah Fails

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The Changing and the Fixed

Leslie Ahuvah Fails

From Braver/Wiser
What once seemed certain is now unpredictable, even dangerous.


All That We Have Been, All That We Will Become

Leslie Ahuvah Fails

From WorshipWeb
All that we have been separately and all that we will become together is stretched out before and behind us like stars scattered across a canvas of sky....

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