Kyra Bellamy

Kyra Bellamy, UU@UN 2020 Summer Intern

Kyra Bellamy is a Program Intern at the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations working on Racial Justice, Women’s Rights, and Police Militarization during the 2020 summer.

From Kyra Bellamy

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International Unitarian Universalism

Protect the Land
From UUA International
In light of recent controversy about Mark Zuckerberg suing Hawaiians for their land, this article delves into land ownership in light of the United Nati...
The Intersections of a Black Woman
From UUA International
Intersectionality is the crossing of a person’s identities and how they impact their life. This is a look into the life of a Black woman.
Don’t Let the Movement Die Down
From UUA International
U.S. citizens are pushing for police reform geared towards positive police relations. For change, remember to not let the movement die down.

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