Kenneth Hurto

Full name: Rev. Kenneth Gordon Hurto

Rev. Kenneth Gordon Hurto

The Reverend Kenneth Gordon Hurto served our ministry for over 45 years in a variety of parish settings in Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and in New Zealand and Australia. He also served in the UUA’s Department of Ministry, authored several UUA congregational resources, chaired the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association CENTER (continuing education) committee, and served as Vice-President of the UUMA. And most recently he served as Lead Executive for the UUA's Southern Region
Kenn is a graduate of Augustana College (A.B., philosophy; Rock Island, IL) and from the Divinity School, cum laude, at Harvard University. His professional studies include work in Transactional Analysis and depth study in Bowen Family Systems Theory, having been privileged to be mentored by Rabbi Dr. Edwin H. Friedman.
He retired from the Congregational Life Staff group serving our Southern Region on 30 September, 2017.

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