Kathy Charles

Kathy Charles

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, I moved to Houston, Texas in 1988. Very soon after arriving in Houston I joined Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church. I began volunteering in my congregation immediately and found myself feeling very satisfied with the work.
I am a member of the RCMA (Religious Conference Management Association) and I attend its annual conference. I have attended DBLE (2007) and several AR/AO/MC trainings. I served on the General Assembly Planning Committee as co-vice chair through GA 2015.
I was a small business owner for 40 years until my first retirement in 2014. I came to work in the Southern Region UUA as an event planner in June 2012 and enjoy the challenge and excitement of this new career.
I have been married since 2000 to John, who has worked at NASA for over 25 years as a scientist. My perfect son, Jason, and daughter-in-law, Katy, are successful young adults building their lives in Houston.

My other loves are reading, knitting, quilting, cooking, and planning events.

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