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As a Fire Exists by Burning
From WorshipWeb
This religious community exists by its mission as a fire exists by burning. But a fire cannot burn without fuel. And it is the time, the energy, the...
The River of Community
From WorshipWeb
A religious community is like a river formed from the many streams of our lives that meet and merge and flow to the sea.
The Oil in the Chalice
From WorshipWeb
The light of our chalice would soon flicker and die without the oil that nourishes its flame. And just as this flame cannot burn without oil, this...
Invocation for City Council Meeting
From WorshipWeb
Holy One, known by many names and beyond all names—Spirit of Life, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Community, Spirit of Justice: We ask your blessings on the...
September 11 Anniversary Prayer
From WorshipWeb
This day is simply one more day on the calendar. The eleventh day of September. Another beautiful, sunny day on the cusp between summer and fall....
Interfaith Prayer for Justice Makers
From WorshipWeb
Holy One, known by many names and beyond all names, known in many ways and beyond our knowing: We gather together this evening in the cold of winter as...
Part of a Larger Life
From WorshipWeb
I invite you to join me in a time of prayer, meditation, and reflection—to be fully present here and now, in this sacred time and space, with ourselves,...
Listen! The Spirit Is Calling!
From WorshipWeb
Listen! Can you hear it? The Spirit is calling. It calls us in the silence and through the noise and busyness of our daily lives. It calls us in the...

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