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Connected through the Web of Life
From WorshipWeb
We light this chalice, symbol of our purpose to bring more love and justice into the world. We light this chalice, knowing our congregation as a church...
Prayer after Terror
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, Shaken by sorrow We wonder why We wonder how Humans can find it within themselves To destroy life That exists also within them.
Embrace The Night
From WorshipWeb
Universal mystery, Guide us away from the desire to Shine light in all the corners....
Drawn Together
From WorshipWeb
We come together every week Bound not by a creed, Or a mutual desire to please one God Or many Gods Yet we are drawn together By a belief, that how we a...
We Matter (Joys and Sorrows Meditation)
From WorshipWeb
In our community we make time each week to share pieces of our lives with one another. We do this because each person in this community has value. Each...

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