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Hope Is Risen
From WorshipWeb
Hallelujah! As the spring sun coaxes lilies and bluebonnets from the soil, Let us celebrate that even after murderous betrayal, After days and nights...
Holy and Generous Love
From WorshipWeb
Go in hope, for the arc of the universe is long and we can bend it toward justice....
The Offering on a Difficult Morning
From WorshipWeb
Note: these words were written for a Sunday following a significant national tragedy Far too often, we are forced to confront the terrible things that...
To Remind Ourselves What Is Real
From WorshipWeb
In a world ravaged by violence, by hatred, by conflicts that seem eternal and insoluble, sometimes the only thinbg we can do is be still for a moment to...
Being Present
From WorshipWeb
Let every moment be a prayer. With every sip of trea, let your lips move in thanksgiving....
Invocation for Difficult Times
From WorshipWeb
When all around us voices are raised in anger, hatred spilling into the streets and sparking more hatred, sometimes the best we can do is to sink our ha...

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