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Dorothy Evans Holmes

Dorothy Evans Holmes, Ph. D., is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in Bluffton, SC, having retired from The George Washington University in 2011, where she was a professor and Director of the Professional Psy. D. program. She is known for establishing pioneering professional psychology programs (e.g., the psychology internship program in the Department of Psychiatry, Howard University Hospital, that was the first accredited psychology internship program in an historically Black university), and for restoring morale and resources to academic programs stressed by diminishing central administrative support. A Unitarian Universalist since the late 1970s, Dorothy has always been drawn to the church's social justice mission and its embrace and celebration of every soul's dignity. These church covenants are what have animated her various service roles (e.g., ministerial relations, music and worship programming, Board service) at All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington, DC (through 2011), and now at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, GA.

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