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Give Love
From Love Will Guide Us
From the collection Stream of Living Souls. Used with permission. "What do you want for Christmas?" the father asked his daughter. She wrinkled her nose...


Give Yourself (a story about Ralph Waldo Emerson)
From WorshipWeb
"What do you want for your birthday?" the father asked his daughter. "Do you want a doll?" She wrinkled her nose and scrunched her eyes and thought....
Someone for Peace (a story about Emily Greene Balch)
From WorshipWeb
"You want to do what?" her friend said. "But you can’t, you can’t, what difference could you make. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard!" "But...
Thank God, a Universalist! A story about Rev. Rasnake
From WorshipWeb
Rev. James Madison Rasnake was the best Baptist minister in Georgia. His first career had been as a lawyer, and he was known for his splendid reasoning...
T'ai Chi: The Story of Its Beginning
From WorshipWeb
There was a young man who grew up in China. Everyone said that he was so calm and peaceful, he should become a monk. Not wanting to displease his family...

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