David M. Horst

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Rev. David M. Horst is a Community Minister serving as a Case Manager at the New London Homeless Hospitality Center. He is the Affiliate Minister at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation in New London, CT. He is also the founder of The Open Circle, a spiritual guidance practice for individuals and groups, in Norwich, CT. Rev. Horst previously served Unitarian Universalist congregations in West Roxbury, Boston, Malden, and Nantucket, MA, and Paramus, NJ. He is a 1999 graduate of the Harvard Divinity School.

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Born Again
From WorshipWeb
From night into day, From chill into warmth, From sleep into awakening, We open our hearts to the wonder of life, Born again.
Garden Prayer
From WorshipWeb
Early in the morning, before the children are awake and while the grass is still dewy, I like to walk in my garden. It’s “my” garden only because it...
The Last Leaf
From WorshipWeb
Once, many grey autumns ago, I came upon a tree. The tree, a poplar, had dropped all of its leaves but for one, just one. Exactly one leaf remained near...
The Last Soldier
From WorshipWeb
I saw the parade pass by with the last soldier marching. I saw politicians stand by not in pride, but in shame as they recited the names of the dead and...

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