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David Kohlmeier

Rev. David Kohlmeier, smiling, in vestments

Rev. David M. Kohlmeier describes himself as “a pastor, parent, radical theologian, occasional poet, and flawed human being.” Originally from West Virginia, with family roots in Appalachia going back over two centuries, David currently serves as the Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth on Cape Cod, where he lives with his husband, two children, Old English Sheepdog, and two rabbits.

From David Kohlmeier

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The Spark of Life

David Kohlmeier

From Braver/Wiser
If we don’t know where the spark of life comes from, can we know for sure where it goes?
Life Pushing Through

David Kohlmeier

From Braver/Wiser
Every moment is full to the point of bursting with Reality, whether or not we notice it.


Reverse Advent Wreath

David Kohlmeier

From WorshipWeb
We need the blessing of the dark as much as the blessing of the light.

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