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Anne Dilenschneider

Anne is a published poet and writer. She is also mental health counselor in Sioux Falls, SD and, for 26 years, she has been accompanying TGNC persons on their journeys. Her on-going research and work is focused on the process of forgiveness, restorative justice, and healing. Currently, she is South Dakota Humanities Council Scholar and one of the Keepers of the Canton Native Asylum Story. The Keepers are a group of Native and non-Native persons engaged in reconciliation and education about the South Dakota asylum that was the linchpin of federal "Indian" policy from 1902-1933.

From Anne Dilenschneider

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The Innkeeper

Anne Dilenschneider

From WorshipWeb
The innkeeper isn’t part of most Nativity sets. No one sings carols about innkeepers. There don’t seem to be any paintings that include them. But we...

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