Amy Bowden Freedman

Rev. Amy Bowden Freedman is the Minister of Religious Education of First Parish in Concord, MA. She served as the Parish Minister of Channing Memorial Church for 10 years and as a Consulting Minister at First Church in Boston and the UU Society of Martha's Vineyard. Amy and her spouse Peter Bowden are the co-creators of Alice the Chalice.

From Amy Bowden Freedman

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These Hands Connect Us to One Another
From WorshipWeb
Become aware of the hands that you are holding: their warmth, texture, and weight. As an infant, these same hands reached out for the nourishment of milk.
Once More
From WorshipWeb
Once more, the earth has turned toward the light of the sun. As we are bathed in the light of a new day, So may we greet the dawning of fresh possibility.
Motherless Child
From WorshipWeb
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child... Here may you find a warm greeting a kind word a gentle touch Sometimes I feel like I have no friend......

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