Unitarian Universalist Psi Symposium

Email: gsnow3@juno.com

Telephone: (508) 393-1261

The UU PSI Symposium, founded and evolving since 1969, participates in the mystical and metaphysical, the psychic and intuitive, the esoteric and paranormal as pathways to the expansion of human consciousness and human healing. The Greek letter "PSI," functions as a quick reference to the above listed Psi topics.

Through local Chapters, Newsletters, Annual Journal and our Annual Ferry Beach Summer Conference, PSI Sym encourages disciplined study and spiritual practices. Typical topics: Mysticism, Metaphysics, Spirituality: meditation, prayer, planetary spiritual traditions; Parapsychology, Psychic Skills: extrasensory perception, developing intuition; Holistic Health, Healing: Reiki, energy medicine; Life after Death: near death experiences, past life therapies, reincarnation; Energy, Vibration: earth energies, sound healing; Exploring New Frontiers: crop circles, ancient astronauts.