NOTE: Interweave Continental, the national organization of congregation-based Interweave chapters, became inactive during 2016. As a result, the annual Sermon Contest and Mark DeWolfe Award are not being administered. If any member of a congregation-based Interweave chapter would like to re-establish the national board of Interweave, Maryka Bhattacharyya, past president, will provide organizational material from past actions of the board.

"Queer UUs and friends, building up connections, breaking down oppressions"
Interweave is a membership organization actively working to end oppression based on sexual orientation and gender identity, recognizing that we will not be free until all oppression is a thing of the past. Our work is guided by Unitarian Universalist principles. We value and affirm the lives and experience of queer people of faith of all ages, races, ethnicities, income levels, and abilities. By providing and supporting leadership, and working in collaboration with other organizations of similar vision, we strive to connect and nurture all queer individuals, communities, groups, and their allies.
To that end, we hosted events at General Assembly, held an annual Convocation, connected a national network of local chapters, and offered print and online resources, networking opportunities, and support.
Former Officers (Interweave Continental): Maryka Bhattacharyya, President; Nisco Junkins, Vice President; Susan Gore, Secretary.