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Collegium brings together the best academic, ministerial, lay, and other resources to bear upon the intellectual life of Unitarian Universalism through encouraging, sharing, and distributing scholarly and other creative work. Collegium offers liberal religious scholars an opportunity to share their research and to develop collegial relationships. By design, it caters to the unique requirements of college students, doctoral and post-doctoral students, professors, scholar-ministers and independent scholars. 

Every year Unitarian Universalist Collegium hosts a conference to encourage in-depth conversations about theological, ethical, and historical topics of interest to Unitarian Universalists and other liberal religionists. Learning and sharing take place in plenary sessions featuring a guest speaker, presentations, Q&A sessions, worship services, communal meals, and social time. These academic and networking components foster community building and knowledge development.

Collegium is a membership association of ordained and lay scholars. Learn more about how to become a member by visiting.