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The Big Picture Is the Wisest Picture for the Committee On Ministry

From “The Committee On Ministry (COM) Model” by Rev. Robert T. Latham


Pars Pro Toto—a Latin phrase that captures an ancient wisdom that the part exists for the sake of the whole.  This is also the principle of the   synergistic power of systems. This wisdom is the very ground of the COM’s existence and function.

Negative congregational conflict seems the norm rather than the exception in our religious experience. It continues to sap the focus and energy of   community life. After almost forty five years as a Unitarian Universalist minister, working in a wide variety of denominational positions, it is my assessment that most negative congregational conflicts, irrespective of their nature, could be satisfactorily addressed through the existence of a statured and devoted COM as exemplified in this model.

A more detailed expression of this COM model is found as an addendum in Rev. Latham’s book: Moving On From Church Folly Lane. His consulting website is MYTHing Link.

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