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  • By Cynthia Landrum
    In honor of those who have served, And those who continue to serve, At home and abroad, for peace and in war, We light our chalice, And we offer our thanks.
  • By George A Tyger
    The first stop on U.S. soil after a deployment is the airport. From there, it’s all downhill until you get to see your family and loved...
  • By George A Tyger
    I cannot change his world, but I can—I must—try to understand it. Otherwise, a kid with a rock is just one more kind of enemy instead of the person he really is, a kid who, like my own son, only wants to be happy, safe, and loved.
  • By George A Tyger
    I lean back in the chair and exhale a long breath of thick white cigar smoke into the night sky. It rises upward, swirls in a light breeze...
  • By George A Tyger
    My son has sent me a “Build-A-Bear.” Dressed in the latest digital camouflage ACUs.* (Build-A-Bear hasn’t yet caught up with multicam.) It...
  • By George A Tyger
    There is something at the core of humanity that makes us the same. We all long for connection. ...This human need may be the one thing with the power to bring lasting peace to our world.
  • By Paul S Sawyer
    In Taps, something speaks to me in my heart and soul about dying, and, for those of us who remain, about remembering well.
  • By Kathleen Rolenz
    Let us join our hearts and minds together in the spirit of prayer: O Holy One, that unites all who are estranged and challenges all who...