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Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Chalice Children, in Preschool

UU World

  • By Doug Muder
    I remember exactly when I first became afraid of death in a more-than-childish way.
    Image credit: © Darren Mower/iStockphoto
  • By Michelle Richards
    It’s important for parents to help children consciously avoid costumes that perpetuate stereotypes or are offensive.
    Image credit: Halloween Face © Jaimie Duplass/iStockphoto
  • By Patricia Montley
    Even in its secular and commercial form, Halloween ritualizes our inescapable destination.
    Image credit: © Dan Harper (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Andrea Hawkins-Kamper
    Gather we now into this space, this time when the Wheel turns and the Veil shatters. Gather we now to remember, to grieve, to prophesy, to...
  • By Christian Schmidt
    No matter who—or what—you are, you are welcome here. Let’s be clear: Here, we welcome goblins and ghouls, saints and sinners, angels and...
  • By Sarah Gettie McNeill
    Come in, from the crisp morning air outside, come in, wearing the autumn sunlight on your face, come, carrying the turning of the seasons...
  • By Sheri Phillabaum
    There once was a child who got lost in the woods. As night began to descend, the child became more and more frightened. I’m sure any of us...
  • By Christine C. Robinson
    (Tea lights are set up in groups of 50 on either side of the chancel in this ritual borrowed from Soulful Sundown.) The long Summer has...
  • By Susan Brown
    Welcome all you saints! Yes! You are saints, all of you are saints, for it is not by perfection that we are sainted, rather it is by our...