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  • By Andrea Hawkins-Kamper
    From WorshipWeb
    Gather we now into this space, this time when the Wheel turns and the Veil shatters. Gather we now to remember, to grieve, to prophesy, to...
  • By Christian Schmidt
    From WorshipWeb
    No matter who—or what—you are, you are welcome here. Let’s be clear: Here, we welcome goblins and ghouls, saints and sinners, angels and...
  • By Sarah Gettie McNeill
    From WorshipWeb
    Come in, from the crisp morning air outside, come in, wearing the autumn sunlight on your face, come, carrying the turning of the seasons...
  • By Sheri Phillabaum
    From WorshipWeb
    There once was a child who got lost in the woods. As night began to descend, the child became more and more frightened. I’m sure any of us...
  • By Christine C. Robinson
    From WorshipWeb
    (Tea lights are set up in groups of 50 on either side of the chancel in this ritual borrowed from Soulful Sundown.) The long Summer has...
  • By Susan Brown
    From WorshipWeb
    Welcome all you saints! Yes! You are saints, all of you are saints, for it is not by perfection that we are sainted, rather it is by our...
  • From Tapestry of Faith
  • By Doug Muder
    From UU World

    I remember exactly when I first became afraid of death in a more-than-childish way.

  • From Tapestry of Faith Curricula ...
  • By Michelle Richards
    From UU World

    It’s important for parents to help children consciously avoid costumes that perpetuate stereotypes or are offensive.