Community Ministry Sunday

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  • By Celia Thurston
    From WorshipWeb
    I light this chalice for all the times you have lit this chalice; For every time you struck the match Or flicked that zapper thing Or...
  • By Katie Romano Griffin
    From WorshipWeb
    Come, let us enter this space of hope and community. Come, let us enter this space with our sorrows, our joys, our passion and compassion...
  • Community Ministry Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday in February. Chaplains in settings such as hospitals, hospices, prisons,...
  • By Darcy Roake
    From WorshipWeb
    There is too much hardship in this world to not find joy, every day There is too much injustice in this world to not right the balance,...
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    From WorshipWeb
    Never from that summons swerve; Hark the prophets' living chorus! Truth and freedom still to serve Show the present path before us. As we...
  • By Hannah McConnaughay, Renee Ruchotzke
    From Tapestry of Faith
    The Chorus of Faiths program helps develop Unitarian Universalist youth as interfaith leaders. Youth explore values of service to our community and religious pluralism through stories from our Sources and personal storytelling, and coordinate an interfaith service.