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Coming Out

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Blue Boat: Youth and Young Adult Blog

Skinner House Books

Uplift: Uplifting LGBTQ+ Experience Within and Beyond Unitarian Universalism

  • By J Mase III
    As Black trans people, we are a community often the target of criminalization, homelessness, murder and joblessness. As #BlackTransMagick, we ask ourselves “how do we protect our spirits and those of our loved ones who face so much trauma?”

UU World

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Otto O'Connor
    Let us pay tribute to our movement ancestors, many of them transwomen of color who led the first rebellion that night.
  • By Lori Gorgas Hlaban
    We light our chalice flame for all our siblings of the rainbow, living life out, with Pride.
  • We honor the many ways that people live and love.
  • By Helen Rose
    Blessed are the queer: living, breathing, sacred reflections of Divine Love.
  • By Sharon Wylie
    You are beautiful; every part of you beautiful just the way you are.
  • By Kimberlee Anne Tomczak Carlson
    You have been looking for something larger than yourself.
  • By Linda lee Franson
    We light this flame to celebrate our diversity: working, loving, and living on the side of love.
  • By Victoria E Safford
    People ask me sometimes, “Is this a gay church?” It is a privilege to answer: “Ours is absolutely, gladly, hopefully and humbly, gaily, a...
  • By Gretchen Haley
    When we talk about a liberal theology and ethic of sexuality, we need to start in our vulnerable, needy bodies, in real life, in the...
  • By Katie Kandarian-Morris
    O God of many names, the personal and mysterious, We have come to a quiet time, an interior place, a place for the deepening of spirit, the...
  • By Amy Johnson
    Loving Creator, beyond our understanding yet closer than our breath, breathe into us your love so that we may love ourselves and others as...
  • By Alex Kapitan
    I want to talk about choice. I want to talk about the fact that just because someone who is out to destroy you says you chose to be the way...
  • By Mark Hicks
    My father asked if I am gay I asked Does it matter? He said, No not really I said, Yes. He said get out of my life. I guess it mattered. My...