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  • By Douglas Taylor
    Across the generations, this flame comes to us. We join in the line and we carry the flame forward.
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    Our communities of memory and promise are founded upon covenants because we all need a defense against the impulse of immediate feelings...
  • By Nancy Shaffer
    May each one among us have skin that longs to touch other skin: fingertips that long for other fingertips or whole hands and even arms;...
  • By Kristin Grassel Schmidt
    One: Spirit of Guiding Love, we give thanks today for all of the people who followed a dream, and whose vision, persistence, labor, and...
  • By Sean Neil-Barron
    One day, your church was born. ...
  • By Emmy Lou Belcher
    The feet of children will dance, stretch, swing and leap in joy as they challenge themselves with new achievements each year.
  • By Jonalu Johnstone
    Now we dedicate this space to the children here and to all those in the future who will use the playground. May this space be blessed by the joy of play and the connections of friends.
  • By Dori J. Somers
    We build houses for our dreams; a dwelling place for courage, for integrity, for love engendered, nourished by a family that speaks of "we" and means all humankind.
  • By Karen Lewis Foley
    May we honor and hold gently our past. May we live fully our present. May we hope toward and build our future, Living our mission [insert...
  • By Sandra Fees
    Since ancient times, shaman, priests, and elders have blessed sacred spaces as well as the communities that have gathered in them. And so we too gather to bless this space and to bless those who will use it now and in the years to come.
  • By Daniel Chesney Kanter
    Responsive Reading of Dedication 2011 (based on readings from 1950 and 1964 dedications of this church adapted by Rev. Kanter). To the...
  • By Jennifer Stokes
    May this home be safe harbor for all who sail upon the sea of Life, and a beacon of hope to those on rough waters.
  • By Jacqueline A Collins
    Let us be together in silence. Let our hearts listen. Let this house be quiet. For a moment, stretch back in memory to the first time you...
  • By Michael DeVernon Boblett
    May the walls of this house be strong in the face of storms: Whether of winds or of words, whether of thunder or of tyranny. May the...
  • By Eileen B Karpeles
    May this house be truly a place of meeting in warmth, joy and openness; in courage, love and trust...and may these walls know silence as a hundred hearts search inward, each for its own small spark of hope.
  • By Priscilla Murdock
    As we bring to a close our tribute to the journey we have made through the years, let us be mindful of the enduring bond that keeps us...
  • By Amanda Poppei
    This is the home that love made. It is full of the love that the founders felt, when they planned out these walls and raised these beams...
  • By Carie J Johnsen
    Let us remember the women who have shared of their spirit, their energy, their wisdom and their time to help another realize her dream, for these women have consecrated this ground and made it holy.