Youth Sunday

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  • Using Your Universal Translator
    From Future of Faith
    A Sermon by Kadyn Frawley Watch this terrific pastoral message from Summer Seminary graduate Kayden Frawley, preached to her congregation on January 29,...
  • The Many Ways to Get Money for GA
    From Guides and Tools
    General Assembly (GA) is many things: transformative, spirit filling, jam packed, challenging, fortifying... and expensive. We want to do everything we can to make sure money doesn’t hold you back...
  • Living Legacy Project Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage
    From Guides and Tools
    Energize this Legacy… AVAILABLE Announcing the Living Legacy Project (LLP) All...
  • UU Youth & Young Adults at the Women's March!
    From Stories and Voices
    Out in Force for Love My twin 6 year olds traveled from Lexington, KY. (Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington) to Washington.
  • Youth Ministry Training Webinar 6
    From Guides and Tools
    Inclusive Youth Group Dynamics If you've found yourself here on Blue Boat it's a fairly safe assumption that at some point in your Unitarian Universalis...
  • Arm in Arm: Interfaith Action to Disarm Our Planet
    From Youth
    Register Now for the New and Improved UU-UNO Spring Seminar Registration for theUnitarian Universalist Association United Nations Office is now open!...
  • Youth Ministry Training Webinar 5
    From Guides and Tools
    Inclusive Ministry in a Diverse World As Unitarian Universalists (UU) we say that we build inclusive community where you can explore your identity witho...
  • Youth Ministry Training Webinar 4
    From Guides and Tools
    Pastoral Care To and With Youth Let’s be frank. The world changed on November 9th, 2016 (the day Donald Trump was elected president of the United...
  • How Your Youth Group Can Support Standing Rock
    From Guides and Tools
    by Jaidyn Bryant and the 2017 General Assembly Youth Caucus Staff So, Trump was elected president. Black, Latinx, Muslim, Native, LGBTQ communities are...
  • VIDEO: Apply to Be on Youth Caucus Staff
    From Guides and Tools
    Last October, Jaidyn Bryant (Jr. Dean), Eric Broner (Sr. Dean), Colleen Lee (Sr. Worship Coordinator) and Hannah Rigdon (Sr. Business Manager) travelled...