Remembrance Day

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  • For All Our Losses

    Patricia Shelden

    From WorshipWeb
    For those we miss. For things long gone. For those who or what we last held in our arms, in our hands and in our hearts — we pray. We pray for memories...
  • The Last Soldier

    David M. Horst

    From WorshipWeb
    I saw the parade pass by with the last soldier marching. I saw politicians stand by not in pride, but in shame as they recited the names of the dead and...
  • Chalice Lighting for a Celebration of Ministry

    Peter Scott Lee

    From WorshipWeb
    Leader: We light our Chalice in honor of all those who have served in our ministry....
  • Prayer of the War Atheist

    Jessica Purple Rodela

    From WorshipWeb
    My prayer today is that I learn to stay a war atheist— my prayer today for each of us, for everyone in this nation, in this world, is that we all learn...
  • To the Death of Michael Brown: We Bear Witness

    Theresa I. Soto

    From WorshipWeb
    Turn and look at your neighbor. Not only can you probably see them. You can experience being in the same space with them today. If you were called as a...
  • Memorial Services
    From WorshipWeb
    Memorial services can be held in a range of settings, and can take place any time after someone's death: from a few day to months later.
  • Jazz Funeral for the Old Year

    Melanie Morel-Ensminger

    From WorshipWeb
    Introduction to a New Orleans Jazz Funeral Welcome to a new tradition for our church—a New Orleans-style jazz funeral for the old year. This service...
  • More Than One Life

    Lee Huebert

    From WorshipWeb
    Lighting a candle is somewhat like the beginning of life. If that is true, then perhaps extinguishing a candle is like the ending of life. But death may...
  • Session 13: Feeling Sad
    From Chalice Children
  • From Whence Comes Ferguson

    Ted Resnikoff

    From Issues and Trends
    Michael Brown – killed by the police years before he or his aggressor were born. TO BEAR WITNESS – AGAIN This blog has published extensively on the...