Indigenous Peoples Day

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  • The Other Side of the Pond
    From WorshipWeb
    How clearly I remember it. My husband, Dan, and our daughter, Sarah, had spent the night in Taos, New Mexico....
  • We Are Not Guests
    From WorshipWeb
    Am I a guest here. Here in this House. Are you? Are we guests here. Here in this House. And, whose House do we inhabit?...
  • Say No More, Just #Change the Name
    From Social Justice
    October 12, 2015: Columbus Day INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY Sign this petition today it'll make a difference next year, and every year thereafter. From Beacon...
  • Honor the Originals on October 13
    From Issues and Trends
    Not Columbus Day: Indigenous People's Day Indigen… People's Day celebrates the people and cultures of the Americas whose destiny was changed by his...