Coming Out

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  • Choice
    From WorshipWeb
    I want to talk about choice. I want to talk about the fact that just because someone who is out to destroy you says you chose to be the way you are does...
  • Mattering
    From WorshipWeb
    My father asked if I am gay I asked Does it matter? He said, No not really I said, Yes. He said get out of my life. I guess it mattered. My friend asked...
  • Infuse the Ether with Your Love
    From Events and Opportunities
    Unbounded Love Standing in the Side of the Love (SSL), the interfaith public advocacy campaign sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)...
  • Marriage Equality: Legal* in as Many States as Not.
    From Social Justice
    population of the United States) still live in states where the right to marry is restricted on the basis of gender-preference....
  • Fighting with the Law for Marriage-Equality
    From Social Justice
    Plaintiffs Include UU Congregations Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations in North Carolina (Piedmont">">Piedmont Unitarian Universalis...