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Your Donations at Work!
Thank you for your contribution to the Gulf Coast Relief Fund. A list of Grantees and Grants shows your donation at work!

Funding Criteria and Relief Goals

Congregations Directly Affected
UU Congregations in the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas have survived the storms of September 2005. Learn more about the people, places and perseverance of the UU Congregations directly affected by Katrina and Rita.

Community Partners
Two-Thirds of the UUA/UUSC Gulf Coast Relief funds were allocated to assist in community reconstruction and organization. Find descriptions of and links to Community Organizations which have received funds from the UUA/UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Fund

and remain partners in recovery efforts through the UUA/UUSC Gulf Coast Volunteer Program.

Relief Panel and Partner Reports
Download official reports The Gulf Coast Relief Panel meetings and in-depth coverage of the work of UUA/UUSC and Partners in the Gulf Coast.

News from the Gulf Coast
Links to articles from the UU World and other news sources on the work of Unitarian Universalists in the Gulf Coast.

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