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Request a Workshop for Your Congregation to Host
UUA Districts & Regions

Regional staff delivers onsite programs to congregations willing to host and invite their neighbors. Regional staff will consider such requests assuming

  • the program topic is of relevance to congregations
  • we are not already offering a similar program in the current year
  • we have capacity to fulfill our obligations for the program. Such capacity will depend in part on the number of requests we receive and say yes to.

We expect that a host congregation will

  • recruit participation from its own membership
  • invite neighboring congregations to participate
  • ensure a minimum of 25 people in attendance
  • schedule with the presenter
  • welcome and check in participants on the day of the event
  • set up an appropriate meeting space, with adequate audio-visual support
  • provide refreshments and hospitality
  • pay for expenses related to the program including food, supplies, name tags, handouts, and compensation to presenters who are not UUA staff. Registration fees can be charged to cover costs, including a small per person fee to cover regional administrative costs.

Regional staff agrees to

  • provide a presenter knowledgeable in the chosen topic. Generally, this will be a regional staff member, however, we may invite someone outside of staff with particular expertise, in which case there will be a presenter fee.
  • create copy for marketing materials
  • handle online registration, if requested
  • assist host with cost calculation
  • handle registration fees and payments for costs
  • provide supplementary advertising if appropriate and possible

Contact newengland [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6415 or anyone on our staff team if you are interested in requesting and hosting a workshop at your congregation. Planning an excellent workshop takes time, so scheduling early is an important key to our shared success!

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