Entryway to UUA Headquarters in Boston, plaques to the left of the doors indicating 25 year plus Honor Congregations

Plaques by the main entryway of UUA Headquarters in Boston: "The Unitarian Universalist Association thanks our congregations that have supported the Annual Program Fund as Honor Congregations for over 25 years and those congregations that have given over one million dollars to our faith."

Why Your Congregation’s Giving to our UUA Matters
Why Your Congregation’s Giving to our UUA Matters (APF)
UUA Districts & Regions

Annual Program Fund (APF) contributions are the PRIMARY SOURCE OF FUNDING for our UUA and our New England Region.

Financial support for the APF (and previously for our Districts and or Regions) is a tangible expression of our covenant as member congregations (when your congregation became a member of the UUA, a commitment was made to provide annual financial support of the APF).

The New APF Formula and Making a FY20 Pledge

After years of study and fine-tuning, a New APF formula was implemented in FY19. The New APF formula moves us away from a per-member calculation, to a percentage of certified operating expenditures, then takes several data points about your congregation into account. Pledge forms were mailed to every congregation in March 2019, requested to be returned by June 30, 2019. PLEASE RETURN YOUR 2020 Pledge Form. 

  • NO CONGREGATION will have an ask that is more than 10% higher (than what was previously asked for both APF and District or Region)
  • NO CONGREGATION will have an ask that is 10% Lower (than what was previously asked for both APF and District or Region)

Please note, your New APF contribution covers the congregation’s support for both the UUA and the Region. A comprehensive packet (download (PDF)) of information was mailed to all churches in February 2018.

Contact Norrie Gall, apf [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-6512, with any questions you may have about this year’s pledging process or to get a copy of your congregation's pledge form.

Completing Your FY20 Pledge

To complete your pledge commitment for fiscal year 2020 congregations are asked to:

  • Make a single pledge toward the combined requested amounts for the Region and for the UUA
  • Make FY2018ste contributions by making checks payable to UUA-NER and include your four digit congregation identification number on the check. If you are unsure of the ID number, you can find it by searching for your congregation, where you will find both your ID and your congregation's honor status for the past year. Please mail contributions to:

PO Box 843153
Boston, MA 02284-3153

  • Please do not send payments directly to the district or region.

Requested giving amounts are:

  • UUA APF asks congregations to give at $60 per certified member.
  • Congregations are asked to support the New England Region at a rate of $19 per member for Ballou Channing, Massachusetts Bay, and Northern New England districts, and $22 per member for Clara Barton district.

Thank you for your faithful support, on behalf of all Unitarian Universalists.

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