New England Regional Advisory Council

A New England Region Advisory Council was created in the fall of 2015 to provide pathways for gathering feedback about regional programming and support. The council was temporarily suspended in summer of 2017 during the search for a New England Region Lead. The council resumed its work in September 2019. 


The New England Regional Advisory Council is comprised of volunteer lay leaders from throughout the New England Region. They work together to companion congregations on their faith journey. They do this by soliciting congregations input opinions, and advice. The purpose of the regional advisory council is to lift and strengthen Unitarian Universalism and Unitarian Universalist values by providing two-way communication between congregations and UUA leadership.


Regional Advisory Council members contact two congregations each month with a set of standard questions and document their responses. Two members of the council will serve on the Regional Leaders Group which is part of the President’s Council. Regional Advisory Council members are not representing the UUA but are embodying the covenant representing the association of congregations that comprise the Unitarian Universalist Association. Comments and questions will be shared with regional staff and the President’s Council. Council members spend an average of 40 hours per year carrying out their role.

New England Regional Advisory Council Members

State Name Email
Connecticut   Jessica Curtis 
Massachusetts Ralph Brown  
Massachusetts  Jane Spickett  
New Hampshire  Mary Heafy
New Hampshire  Olivia Holmes
New Hampshire  Cindy Spring
Vermont   Michael Greenwood