Liberating Governance: Leadership Transitions

Liberating Gov. For Our Times

It’s the time of year when most congregations have transitions in lay leadership: people leaving the board, people joining the board, other key leadership positions shifting. We will look at practices for celebrating and thanking leaders who are stepping down, orienting leaders who are stepping up, and keeping momentum through leadership transitions. Please review the pre-work before the gathering.

If you have not already joined the Liberating Governance community of practice, you can do so using this form. This program is open to all staff and lay leaders. It is especially appropriate for Board members and others in the congregation entrusted with significant decisions. We highly recommend participating as a team with others from your congregation. Once you join, you will automatically receive registration details and the pre-work assignment before each gathering.

Please note, individual registration is required for each gathering. Find out more about this Community of Practice.

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