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POSTPONED: Lane Lyceum, #WeToo: The Suffrage Movement



Sponsor: First Parish in Needham UU, Needham, MA

Fredie Kay, Founder and President of Suffrage100MA, will provide an overview of the suffrage movement in the United States with special attention to Massachusetts activists, including women of color, who worked tirelessly for women’s suffrage. It took a 72- year battle by the suffragists, some focused on changing state constitutions and others focused on a federal Constitutional amendment. Suffragists were jailed and horribly mistreated, ultimately convincing Congress to pass the 19th Amendment and then convincing three-fourths of the states to ratify it. Both the national and Massachusetts story will be included.

On display will be several “Suffragist of the Month” display panels, created by a partnership of the Commonwealth Museum, Secretary William F. Galvin, and Suffrage100MA. Suffragists from Massachusetts and other parts of the country are featured, along with historic events, such as the Woman’s Rights Convention held in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1850. The monthly display panels started in August 2017 and will be created through August 2020, the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Lane Lyceum #WeToo

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