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Free Minister's Tax Workshop



Sponsor: First Parish in Bedford, Bedford, MA

This workshop will focus on recent changes to federal tax laws, some of which have significant impact on ministerial taxes, particularly with regard to the allocation of income and expenses.  

Friend-of-First-Parish-Bedford Wendy Innis (and mother of UU minister, Jennifer Innis) is leading this workshop, along with our parishioner Margaret Gebhard.  Wendy has a long, great track record with the UUA's Department of Church/Staff Finance, and the development of fair compensation guidelines.  Wendy has worked with ministers' taxes for over twenty-five years.  Both Wendy and Margaret have many years of tax knowledge and experience, including completing five recent tax-change classes.  They are well prepared to share information with all of us.  In addition to focusing on ministerial taxes, Wendy and Margaret are happy to answer general tax questions, too.

UU Ministers, and spouses, treasurers, finance folks, et al are invited.  Please spread the word.  Come!!

RSVP to Wendy at, preferably by February 5.