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Compassion and Choices: Medical Aid in Dying



Sponsor: First Parish in Needham UU, Needham, MA

Kimberly Paul is a nationally recognized advocate for more intentional life care and planning. Kimberly is known for her book, Bridging The Gap: Life Lessons from the Dying, as well as her TED Talk (YouTube) on the subject. Kimberly’s mission is to change the taboo subject of death and dying into a gift of connection with family and friends.

Brian Monteiro, Compassion and Choices Campaign Manager (Massachusetts & NE States) will discuss how medical aid in dying is a medical practice that allows terminally ill, mentally capable adults to request and receive a prescription for medication that they may choose to self-ingest to bring about a peaceful death if their suffering becomes unbearable.

There is no cost to attend this event or any other in the Best Possible Death series.

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