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Love With No Exceptions: 250th Anniversary of Universalism

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Sponsor: Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center

We’re currently planning a weekend celebration at Murray Grove October 2 – 4 – dedicating the restored Thomas Potter grave site and (hopefully) a representation of the Hand in Hand.

No matter what you call it – sestercentennial, semiquincentennial, bicenquinquagenary, or just plain 250th – 2020 is a big year for Universalism.  It will be the 250th anniversary of John Murray’s famous 1770 sermon in Thomas Potter’s chapel in Good Luck, New Jersey.  We celebrate 2 and ½ centuries of Universalist contributions.

Plans are evolving to celebrate the 250thanniversary of John Murray’s epic sermon in Thomas Potter’s chapel in Good Luck, New Jersey September 30, 1770. This was the beginning of the thread of Universalist History in “the new world.” And the place where it happened is our oldest historic site. The full array of Sestercentennial Universalist Celebrations will be in 2020.

Click here for details about this once in a lifetime event.


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