Diversity of Ministry Initiative

The Diversity of Ministry Initiative (DOMI) seeks to foster, create, and sustain healthy, engaged, long-term ministries for ministers and religious professionals who identify as people of color, Latina/o, Hispanic, and/or multiracial/multiethnic. The initiative is supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) Diversity of Ministry Team (DOMT).

DOMT is housed in the Office of the President. It is convened by the Multicultural Ministries and Leadership Director of the Multicultural Growth and Witness staff group. Its membership includes the UUA President, the Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support, and representatives from Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist (UU) Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM), Ministries and Faith Development, Multicultural Growth and Witness, and the UU Ministers Association.

History of the Diversity of Ministry Team

In late 2006 members of DOMT began a process to develop healthy, sustainable ministries with ministers of color and Latina/o, Hispanic, and multiracial clergy and to support seminarians during their formation.

In March of 2008, Rev. Alicia Forde was hired as the Program Coordinator for Multicultural Congregations in the Identity-Based Ministries staff group to organize congregational involvement in the initiative and to encourage the development of multicultural congregations, faith based anti-oppression, and social justice in Unitarian Universalist communities.

Building a Multicultural Ministry

The Diversity of Ministry Team's (DOMT) initiative is still under development. Some important highlights include:

  • Extensive preparatory and ongoing educational opportunities for the congregations, lay leaders, and staff; start-up funding support from the UUA; and ongoing support for the ministers.
  • Similar educational and support opportunities for congregations and ministers in already existing settlements.
  • The development of an in-care system available to all ministers of color and Latina/o, Hispanic, and multiracial clergy who are cleared for settlement.
  • A fully funded annual retreat for ministers and ministerial candidates of color and Latina/o, Hispanic, and multiracial identities.
  • Institutionalized support for a seminarians group with monthly online and conference call opportunities for community support and conversation, and annual meetings during General Assembly.

Seminarians Who Identify as People of Color, Latina/o and Hispanic, and Multiracial

The UUA Seminarians of Color group serves as a networking and support opportunity for seminarians who identify as African, Caribbean, Native/American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latina/o and Hispanic, Middle Eastern/Arab, Multiracial and Multiethnic Unitarian Universalists.